The study of folk music in Britain has a long and fascinating history. Since the earliest attempts by eighteenth-century antiquarians such as Thomas Percy to gather the ‘reliques’ of Britain’s ancient songs, successive generations of collectors, musicians, and academics have engaged in the work of collecting, defining, and theorising the music and song traditions of this country. Folk Music and Ballad Studies deals with the history of folk music scholarship in Britain, exploring some of the key ideas, figures and publications over the last two centuries, and offering an opportunity to discuss the various theoretical approaches to the study of folk music that have emerged over the last 200 years. I hope it will provide a forum for sharing and disussing some of the currently available resources for studying the history of folk music in Britain, providing links to useful sites, including online archives, as well as bibliographical suggestions for research in specific subject areas.

This blog is the personal project of Matthew Ord, a folk musician and researcher at Newcastle University. Comments and suggestions are welcome.